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About Ari

Growing up in the small community of Seward, Alaska, I developed a close relationship with my Indigenous culture at a young age. While I was far from my reservation in Indian Township, Maine, I was encouraged by my family to learn my Passamaquoddy language, participate in cultural activities, and invest in my traditional knowledge. When I was nine, I picked up my first beading needle and immediately fell in love. Even though I was upwards of 3,000 miles away from my ancestral lands, beading provided me with a sense of connection I didn't know I needed, but am so blessed to have found.

Fast forward to age twenty-five. It's June of 2020 and I'm living in Shelton, Washington. The world is in the beginning stages of Covid-19 and I am a recent graduate of Northwest Indian College where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Tribal Governance and Business Management. Job opportunities in my chosen field were scarce, I had my four-year-old son to take care of, and I was too burnt out on school to pursue another degree. One day I decided to bead as a way to relieve stress. I posted my creation on Twitter and someone asked if it was available for sale. This interaction sparked the creation of Beadwork by Ari.

Over the course of the last year, I have grown an incredibly supportive following of Indigenous artists, friends, family, and cherished strangers. With love and encouragement, I transformed a cultural hobby into my business. There is no way I can possibly convey my deep sense of gratitude to every person who has supported me on my journey. I am eternally thankful.



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